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Get The 7 Best Waterproof Cases for 12.9-inch iPad Pro
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Get The 7 Best Waterproof Cases for 12.9-inch iPad Pro

  • April 12, 2022
  • 11 min read
Get The 7 Best Waterproof Cases for 12.9-inch iPad Pro

We carry iPads Pros with us wherever we go-on boats, beaches, and even swimming pools, putting these expensive devices at risk of water damage. That’s why you need a good waterproof case to protect our iPad phone from water and out of water. 7 Best Waterproof Cases for 12.9-inch iPad Pro will possess a water resistance rating of at least IP68 (Ingress Protection), which means they can withstand deeper water depths be subjected to more pressure. Other handy nuances should be you should be able to take videos and photos underwater and use it above the surface too.

The case should also be as lightweight and stylish as the one you use every day if you intend to use it under and outside the water. You could also pick a case that is floatable, which comes in handy if you drop your iPad into a pool or sea – easily done. Other features to consider when looking for a waterproof case are extra accessories, like a kickstand that allows you to prop up your iPad to watch your underwater footage later.

If you like an alternative, perhaps more secure way to carry your iPad you might consider a case with a belt clip or holster. In this article, we’ve narrowed down the 7 best waterproof cases for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro based on design, features, and the old axiom: value for money. Read until the end to see which iPad Pro cases sink or swim.

1. AICase iPad Pro 12.9 inch Waterproof Case Cover

If you are looking for a heavy-duty, full-body, rugged and waterproof case, look no further than this Waterproof Case Cover by AICase. It is designed for iPad Pro 5th Gen 12.9 inch models (A2462, A2461, A2379, and A2378). Usefully, this iPad Pro is very easy to install with just a click and slide. It’s neat cut-outs will support your iPhone speaker, Touch ID, cameras, sensors, and buttons with aplomb.

A very useful kickstand sets this adaptable case from the others. While it’s not a serious diver’s case it meets both worlds half way. Drop it in the deepend, take a snap and 2 minutes later place it on the table and use the kickstand to watch your footage.

The cover is made from Snowproof and Waterproof materials and it is fully submersible for up to 2 m for 30minutes. In addition to that, it is sealed from dust, dirt, ice, and snow. It will provide full access to ports while protecting them from scratches and dust. It also allows you to take videos and pictures underwater and then seamlessly post them to Facebook as soon as you break the surface.

7 Best Waterproof Cases for 12.9-inch iPad Pro
7 Best Waterproof Cases for 12.9-inch iPad Pro

A cutout is well designed around the power button and allows you to easily unlock the phone with your fingerprint. This cover meets and exceeds the IP-68 rating and will not only protect your phone for outdoor and underwater activities but also daily use. Another likeable feature, is the case comes with convenient shoulder straps that allow you to easily carry your phone outdoors and help prevent it dropping.


· Waterproof and snowproof

· Fully submersible to 6.6ft

· Meets or exceeds IP-68 rating

· Lightweight and thin

· Comes with installation manual

· Has a cutout for easy fingerprint unlocking

· Comes with wrist nylon strap


· Slightly higher price than the run of the mill if that’s an issue.

We found a great price on Amazon (we may get a small commission for purchases)

2. Aquapac Waterproof Pouch for Samsung and iPad Tablets

The clever Aquapac Waterproof Cover Case provides a ton of features at a fraction of a professional price. This waterproof case is well-suited for most tablets including Samsung and iPad tablets for outdoor and indoor activities. Ideally, this Tablet Pouch is made from remarkably ultra-clear and tough TPU materials that offer waterproof protection. It can protect your device when it is fully submersible for a depth of 10m/ 30 feet. The clever material allows you to film clearly under water and when you reach the surface make a phone call with the seamless design.

Aquapac Waterproof iPad Cover
Aquapac Waterproof iPad Cover

The case has a lightweight design and this makes it easy to carry. Designed for surfers, underwater, and swimmers and yaght enthusiasts, the pouch simply clicks into place. Its patented, ultra-secure seal helps to keep your iPhone safe and comes with an adjustable lanyard for comfort.

A Useful Lanyard Design
A Useful Lanyard Design

This case has a lock system and secure snap that ensures easy closing and opening and safeguards your underwater devices. This lightweight yet sturdy pouch offers full touch screen functionality for functions including a camera calls, and facial ID.


· Made from tough TPU materials

· Maintains full touch screen functionality

· Has a lightweight design for easy carry

· It has wide compatibility with many tablets

· Fully submersible for a depth of 10m/30 feet

· Can carry cards and cash


· Not perfect for every day dry office/ classroom use

Check out the good price I found on Amazon

3. AICase for iPad Pro 12.9 Waterproof Case

The AICase iPad Pro 12.9 Waterproof Case is a perfect option if you are on a budget and you are planning to use your phone around water. The case has been exclusively designed for the 4th Generation New iPad Pro 12.9 2020 Release (A2233, A2232, A2069, and A2229). The case has a new design and it is completely Snowproof and Waterproof.

This case will prevent scratches while maintaining sensitivity level thanks to its shock proof silicone construction. It will allow you to easily write, finger and slide on the screen with the case. The case provides full access to functions and ports while protecting from scratches and dust, and allows you to easily take videos and pictures underwater. This waterproof case is fully submersible to 6.6ft for 30 minutes – handy for snorkelling; plus it’s sealed from ice, snow, dust, and dirt.

7 Best Waterproof Cases for 12.9-inch iPad Pro
7 Best Waterproof Cases for 12.9-inch iPad Pro

It meets and exceeds the IP-68 Ingress rating hence it can be used with confidence for outdoor and underwater activities. Other components offered in the package include an installation manual, cleaning cloth, and wrist nylon strap. Please double check the case is secure before taking it into the sea.


· Fully submersible to 6.6ft for 30minutes

· Can withstand rough handling

· Provides full access to functions and ports

· Includes Wrist Nylon Strap

· Protect iPad for underwater and outdoor activities

· IP68 Protection rating

· Support Wireless charging


· No kickstand

See the decent price on Amazon

4. Catalyst iPad Pro 12.9″ Waterproof iPad Case

Catalyst is a well-designed Pro 12.9″ case that offers style, protection, and several valuable features that you cannot find elsewhere. This case will protect your iPad and it is waterproof up to 6.6 ft and drop-proof up to 4 ft. When your phone is covered with this case, it will bring you peace of mind when you are on the construction site or swimming pool. Or if the kids have control over it.

Catalyst iPad Pro 12.9" Waterproof iPad Case
Catalyst iPad Pro 12.9″ Waterproof iPad Case

Typically, this case will not prevent you to take the highest quality photos and videos. This case will perfectly fit your iPad Pro 12.9″ plus it’s impressively won the parents award for robustness. This smart looking case is 100% Touch ID compatible and will allow you to attach a lanyard thanks to its four handy attachment points.

It takes a few minutes to mount this case and it is included with easy-to-follow and clear instructions. Also, it comes with a convenient built-in screen protector. As style and design matter too, the clear front and back showcase the iPad’s gorgeous and minimalistic design. Not only is this case military tested 810g (read more on wikipedia), it also props your iPad Pro up in a great viewing angle for movies.


· Waterproof up to 6.6 ft.

· Drop-proof up to 4 ft

· 100% touch id compatible

· Very easy to follow

· Durable and scratch-resistant

· Comes with screen protector


· For the price maybe it should have a deeper depth resistance

See the decent price on Amazon

5. LifeProof D Series 12.9″ iPad Pro Waterproof Case (2nd Gen)

Want a 12.9″ iPad Pro case that not only matches with your iPad Pro look but also takes it to a whole new luxury level. Then go for LifeProof D Waterproof Case. Cleverly, this black case is Snow Proof, Water Proof, Dirt Proof, and Drop Proof. LifeProof case is fully submersible to 2 m/ 6 feet 6 for one hour which makes it ideal for snorkelers. It is also sealed from dust, dirt, ice, and snow particles thanks to its MIL STD 810F-516 design.

A great feature is that it utilizes screenless technology sealing out the elements and will give you full access to the brilliant display of your phone. Because it meets or exceeds IP-68 IP-68 Ingress rating, you can take your tablet on every challenging outdoors adventure without fearing drops.

This tablet is light, thin, and has an all-protective design. Its sleek and slim profile follows the precision lines of the 2nd gen 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Well designed cutouts, allows you to have complete access to all ports, buttons, and features. The case is offered with the user manual and is included with a 1-year limited warranty.


· Waterproof and drop proof

· Thin, tough, and light

· Fully submergible to 2 m for 1 hour

· Very easy to install

· Included with 1-year limited warranty

· Comes in black color


· Has no slot for Apple Pencil

6. Gaurun iPad Pro 12.9″ Pen Holder Case Smart Cover

This Gaurun smart cover is an excellent pick for individuals who needs extra protection and water resistance. Despite not being strictly waterproof it will protect your iPad from rain storms and spilled drinks. It comes at a reasonable price and it will offer a high level of shock protection while, feeling soft to the touch. The Gaurun case is ideal for outdoors video watching without the worry for looking over your shoulder for a rain storm.

It is a smart cover that handily will turn on when it is opened and automatically enters sleep mode when it is closed. Usefully teh case has a stand that provides 2 types of ergonomic viewing angles: 35 or 65, where the former is perfect for typing and the latter angle is ideal for watching videos. This enables the case to provide a less tiring viewing experience for the 12.9″ iPad Pro. After all who likes watching a screen on a horizontal surrface.

7 Best Waterproof Cases for 12.9-inch iPad Pro
7 Best Waterproof Cases for 12.9-inch iPad Pro

The case has a smart design will enable the user to store Apple Pencil. The backside has a hole to take out and store the pencil easily. TPU material offers great shock absorption at the front and to protect the phone camera at the back.


· It is a Smart cover with a stand

· Made Using TPU material that offers great shock absorption

· Has a lightweight and slim design

· Allows you to store Apple Pencil

· Water repellent


· Not submersible

Check out the good price on Amzazon

7. Comfyable Tablet Sleeve 12.9 inch iPad Pro Protective Cover Case

Comfyable is our final case in this list for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro casing. The case is not for taking snaps under water though it deserves a mention as it will protect your iPad from water. Enforced corner protection on all sidesand EPE foam padding offers great protection from bumps and slight shocks except for drop, shocks.

The case exterior is constructed from waterproof and durable PU leather material hence you will never worry about walking through the rain or spilling a drink on your tablet. Other than that, it has a soft interior fleece lining that offers a scratch-free environment hence you will not have any worry about your iPad will get damaged or scratched.

Comfyable Tablet Sleeve
Comfyable Tablet Sleeve

With its Midnight-Green color or 6 other autumn colors, this case will ensure that your phone looks stylish and it can be a useful gift to your loved iPad Pro owner. It’s thin and lightweight meaning that it is very easy to carry everywhere you go.


· Has additional inner cover and soft microfiber lining

· Made of waterproof and durable PU leather material

· Protect your iPad from getting scratched or damaged

· Slim and thin for easy carry

· Has a simple and elegant design


· Beautiful, but has loose-fitting.

Check out affordable prices on Amazon

In Conclusion

Perhaps the draw of being able to take movies and photos in the depths and then resurface and send those very movies to friends without delay attracts you to waterproof cases for 12.9-inch iPad Pro. If that’s the case the AIcase will offer you snorkelling depths protection and allow you to use it seamlessly when you rise. However the Aquapack will offer diving down to 30 feet if you need something more serious.

Perhaps waterproof to you simply means spilled drink and rainstorm protection. In that case the Comfyable case does exactly that with a modicum of style thrown in.

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